Travel Insurance for Construction Trades

If you head to a country that makes it easy to work in your trade then you should be able to rake in the dough. Working in your trade abroad can be really lucrative and it definitely beats slugging it out doing harvest work or labouring. The money will be good plus you might even learn some new skills while you're at it - or then again you might learn that tradespeople in some countries seem to spend most of their time at the pub. The major obstacle toward working in your trade abroad will be your lack of tools. Many jobs seem to want you to come fully equipped with whatever you'll need to do the job properly and if you haven't brought at least the basics along with you then you'll be looking at shelling out a load of cash before you can even start earning.

Insurance Policies that Cover Construction Trades

World Nomads United Kingdom Australia New Zealand Canada Ireland

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Downunder Insurance United Kingdom Australia New Zealand

Only at ground level and not involving machinery.

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