World Nomads Travel Insurance

For citizens of: United Kingdom Australia New Zealand Canada USA Ireland

World Nomads is the most flexible insurance policy I've come across. It's the only policy I've seen that can be purchased even after you've left your home country which makes it very versitile. It is geared at backpackers and young travellers and covers most adventure sports. It will cover you up to 18 months in one go but it is just as easy to let your current policy lapse and just buy another one which is great if you have no idea how long you'll be travelling for. It's not the cheapest policy on the market but it's pretty close. Its flexibility, great coverage of a variety of activities and ability to buy it from anywhere make it my choice.


Policy Type

World Nomads Insurance

Age Restriction

Maximum age is 65.

Policy Price

Medical Coverage


Cancellation or Curtailment



1,250 (100 single item limit)

Travel Documents


Personal Liability


Work Covered

You are covered for all work abroad unless your claim can be recovered from your employers' workers compensation insurance.

Countries Covered

One of the advantages of World Nomads is that it is available to residents of lots of countries. For a complete list click here.

One-way Travel

World Nomads allows you to travel on a one-way ticket, even if you have no intention of returning home within the policies time limit.


World Nomads policies can be renewed once they expire for any length of time. Great if you're not sure how long you want to travel for.

Buy From Anywhere

Unlike most policies, World Nomads will sell insurance to anyone, anytime, anywhere. If you find yourself living abroad for longer than expected this will come in handy.

18 Month Policies

For some strange reason, the 18 month policies are very expensive. You are better off buying a 12 month policy and then buying a 6 month policy (or however long you need) once it expires. This works out far cheaper.