Travel Insurance for BUNAC

If you've been doing some research on working holidays, chances are pretty good that you've come across the BUNAC program, especially if you're British, Irish or American. The program offers a variety of work and volunteering programs to young people from these countries including arranging working holidays.

So if you've researched the program then you probably also know that BUNAC says you need to buy travel insurance through them in order to participate. I've contacted them about this to clarify and it turns out that this isn't actually the case. Selling travel insurance can be quite lucrative so it makes sense for BUNAC to make it seem that you have o choice but to buy from them. Don't be scammed... seeing the prices compared below should be enough to convince you!

BUNAC's UK Policy Price Comparison

Time Period


World Nomads

Down Under

Go Travel Insurance

Go Sure

3 Months






6 Months






12 Months






18 Months






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So BUNAC's policies are more expensive than those listed here, but it's also more comprehensive. BUNAC's medical coverage is unlimited, it provides £500 worth of dental relief (for pain only), £1500 in luggage coverage and they'll even pay £1000 towards having a relative or friend to fly out to meet you if you are imprisoned! For your average backpacker though, BUNAC's coverage is almost too much and I don't think paying all that extra money is worth it.

So if you're travelling with BUNAC but want to shop around for your travel insurance, check out the policies on my site, find one that suits you and then give BUNAC a quick call to make sure it's suitable for their program. You could save loads. Just make sure you don't spend the extra money getting drunk and thrown in prison because you might be kicking yourself for not getting that BUNAC policy after all!