Stuff to Check for Your Travel Insurance Policy

Ok so you've decided to head off on a working holiday and need to decide on an insurance policy that's right for you. Medical coverage, baggage, theft etc. are all important but you'll also want to make sure of some of the most important, basic things that might be overlooked.

Is working abroad covered?

The main thing to check is if your policy will actually cover working abroad! May seem obvious, but there are loads of companies offering policies that don't actually cover working abroad or will only cover certain kinds of work. So obviously you'll want to make sure you are covered for the types of work you expect to be doing.

Can I fly one-way?

Another thing to note is that many policies will only cover you if you have a round trip booked. There are a few that cover open-ended trips (which seems to be typical of working holiday makers) but they are not as common as you may think.

Can I buy and renew my policy from any country?

Being able to buy insurance online is handy but it can also cause a bit of confusion if you're not careful. Most policies, while available online from anywhere in the world, are not open to everyone. Most insurance companies require you to be resident in the country where they originate so before you buy, make sure you're living in the right country! World Nomads is an exception to this rule and they will also allow you to renew your policy from wherever you may find yourself which is great for those of you who travel with very few plans set in stone and only a vague timeline.