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Working Holiday Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a pain in the neck but having insurance is just as important as anything you've got crammed into your backpack. Like it or not, having holiday insurance when you need it is a huge relief and not having it can be a trip destroyer or worse.

I know how annoying it is having to fork over your hard earned money for something you might never use only to find out that it doesn't cover the things you thought it did. So I've created this site to help you wade through the best travel insurance options for backpackers heading off on working holidays and extended trips.

List of Insurers | Policy Comparison Chart

Best Travel Insurance for Working

When it comes to working, not all travel insurances are created equal! Many don't cover any injury sustained while working abroad and some only cover injuries caused at certain types of jobs. If you are heading abroad with the intention of working you will want to make sure you're covered. The chart below details the type of work that is covered by each insurer.


Types of Jobs Covered

World Nomads

You are covered for all work abroad unless your claim can be recovered from your employers' workers compensation insurance.

Downunder Insurance

Manual labour is covered but only at ground level and not involving machinery. Fruit picking isn't considered manual labour so you're covered on ladders.

Go Travel Insure

Bar and harvest work covered as part of standard policy.

JS Travel Insurance

Clerical work, hotel work and teaching are covered. Harvest work and cooking/bartending will be covered for an extra 25% premium (provided no tools or machinery are used).

Travel Insurance for the BUNAC Program

For travellers from the UK, Ireland or USA who are on a working holiday with the BUNAC program, insurance is a requirement. Though BUNAC will strongly recommend thier own insurance policy, you are free to purchase a policy elsewhere if you find a better deal. I've compared the best policies with BUNAC's so you can see the difference. This is worth a look.... BUNAC travel insurance is way overpriced. moreĽ

Policy expired? Not in your home country? No problem!

Most travel insurance policies only cover people who are resident in the country the policy is issued. This is fine if you're travelling with specific plans set in stone but most working holiday makers change their plans on the fly and often travel for a lot longer than expected. If this happens you'll need to find an insurance company willing to sell you a policy as a non-resident and I have just the one. moreĽ

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